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A Clan That Creates Together Stays Together

Let us introduce our Clan : Exod Games. Actually we’re not really a clan, a team or a community. We are a Family of games expert. And as this family, we know that the best way to satisfy every member is that everyone participate in the choice of the game.


For The Players, With The Players

That’s why today we want you to commit in the making of our games and join Exod Games Family !


Good Luck, Have Fun

The most important rule after all. Because eventually all this work is done for us to have fun !

Hélène The Fair Mother

Small but strong, Hélène leads the family with a steady hand and won’t let pass any foolish of her children. Still she is fair and gentle, a great source of inspiration.

Vitality : 15


Power : 12


"Hi, adventurer ! I have a mission for you… got a minute ? Actually I heard that you are willing to join our Players Family. First I need you to prove your value and commitment to our cause. We need new supplies for our workers giving their best to make « After The End » the best game you have ever known. Visit our pledging page and follow our supplies manager instructions. Soon great rewards will offer to you… Farewell ! "

- Hélène The Fair Mother